1. Principles and practices

This week I worked on defining my final project idea and started to getting used to the documentation process.

Assignment :

   plan and sketch a potential final project 

Update - My project idea

I finally decided to change my project idea. During the week 8 where I used the CNC, I have built a furniture for my van. It gaves me the idea of building a sink for my van. I am livng in my van but I dont have any water source inside. My first idea was to have a jerrycan with tap and a basin, but thanks to the FabAcademy program I am able to build something more efficient.

Some equipment exist already but they are pretty expensive like on this website. A sink and tap is around 300 euros for a converted van.

My idea is to add a furniture for sink on the workplan, and put two jerrycans inside the cabinet above, one for clean water, and one for dirty water.

I skectched my idea on Autodesk Fusion 360. And that is what it looks like in rendering.

The furniture for the sink will be in wood cutting with the CNC. For the sink I will use a bowl from ikea and make a hole.

For the pump I would like to use a peristaltic pump with pipe. The pipes will be in silicon so it will be fodd safe and I can drink the water.

I would like for the tap to be working according to movment sensor, to be able to turn on the tap with movment, when the hands are dirty or full of stuff. I will learn more about that during the input week.

My first project idea

I want to create an skeleton for a teddy bear. I would like this toy to walk and can move is head that can be remote control.

So here is the teddy bear I would like to start with :

And here is the kind of skeleton I want to put inside

The goal is that he can move around controlled by a remote and move his head left to right or top to bottom.


From Youtube

First I have watch a video from a robot made by Boston Dynamics. This robots is full of inovations and very helpful for humans. I would like to build a robot inside the teddy bear than can walk like it.

The next video is about people who created a Teddy Bear robot, but it is not moving in the room, it only stay and move its arms and head. It inspire me to create a moving head, but I wish my teddy bear robot can move around.