Tessel’s FabAcademy site

Hello world!

This is my FabAcademy website. Here I’ll be documenting all that I learn during this marvelous FabAcademy experience.

I’ve joined the FabAcademy network by way of the Waag in Amsterdam. I am really happy that I’m now a node in this fabulous network. To learn. Yes to crash learn all these skills and take a bite out of so many fascinating fields of knowledge. But the Fab network is so much more. It provides positive and constructive vision of the kind of world we can build with digital technologies. As such obliterates resigned acceptance that surveillance capitalism is digital technology’s inevitable end game.

Five principles

These are the five principles that draw me to the FabAcademy:
Know your tech
As our lives are increasingly permeated by technology, to understand how technology works is to understand our world. That knowledge enables us to actively participate in shaping our collective future.

Personal and hyperlocal fabrication
FabLabs focus on personal fabrication. Make things yourself rather than passively consume the offerings of global mass-production. Labs are embedded in their local communities and produce goods tailored to loca l needs.

Distributed learning
Rather than the client-server setup of traditional teaching, distributed learning is a peer-to-peer network. The knowledge and experience of each peer is shared with the rest of the network.

Open & sharing
The fruits of the labor done in any FabLab in the world is made available for everyone to copy, fork, modify and improve.

Reducing building blocks The FabLab network aims to bring down the number and volume of input building blocks needed for local production to reduce the impact on the natural environment and the dependence on the global supply chain.

Our local node

FabLab Waag Our local lab is the Waag in Amsterdam. With my fellow students Hyejin, Harm, Rinke and Nathan we’ll be making this journey under the benevolent guidance of our mentor Henk and Rutger. Our regional fellow labs are AgriLab in France and ULB in Bruxelles.

Image source:
Kmhoffman Wikipedia . Gnu Licence.