20. Project Development

What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

I have completed the following.
- Printed 3D Net Pot
- Designed PCB with:
- 3 Input Sensors
- 3 Output Devices
- CNC Holder
- Programed the PCB

I have to buy the rest of the supplies for the tank, fish, and planting.

What has worked? What hasn’t?

I made three attempts to design my Final Project PCB, the first two were unsuccessful because of mistakes that I benefited from and I will avoid them happening next time.

The First Attempt
This was the last problem I faced that I had to redesign the board, which is that when I wanted to solder the USB I realized that I had not positioned it correctly. Because when I want to plug the USB cable, I will not be able to do that, because the entrance will be on the inside of the board and not on the outside as I thought, where I will not be able due to the small space.

The Second Attempt
The main problem seemed to be that I soldered “ATmega328PB” instead of “ATmega328P”.

I start programming the PCB as ATmega328PB it works, nut after a while, I tried, again and again, to upload the code to the board but there was no result.

The Third and the Final Attempt
This is how the PCB looks after solderig.

What questions need to be resolved?

I was able to control the pump with the PCB using the relay. This what was what baffled me.

What happens if one of the fish dies?

In this case, remove the fish, make sure that the water is clean, and pay more attention to feeding the fish, but there is no need to switch the water because that changes the surroundings of the fish.

My Final Project Plan
I had made a plan, which was to complete each task in its scheduled week, but because I was unable to attend the lab because of the circumstances that had occurred, I had started what I could do at home, and when I went to the lab I completed it. But the second obstacle that happened to me and because of it I had to accumulate tasks is that I was late in creating the circus for nearly four weeks. My first design was not easy, but the third design was easy because I had absorbed the idea in the design. I started programming before finishing using Arduino.

What have you learned?

I learned from all that I did, but the most thing I learned is that the design of the PCB needs me to look at the method of connecting the component on the Arduino or any other board, see if it is a digital or analog and design the PCB in this way.