1. Principles and Practices

Final Project Idea

This week I worked on defining my final project idea and started to getting used to the documentation process. The idea of a sensor in the car to warn about the hupms that always comes when I drive and shocked of the impact force. It is an Initial idea that I will seek to reach and develop according to the capabilities at the end of Fablab2020.

The idea of this sensor, if applied, will benefit many drivers in Bahrain due to the lack of signs that warn the presence of the humps (Humps Ahead) in many rural neighborhoods, in addition to the absence of yellow lines and white heights.

Suddenly, the final project idea has been changed to make an Aquaponics System!

About the Fab Charter

The idea of a Fablab is a great idea as it deviates from the system of universities and institutes, which gives learners a great opportunity to gain knowledge through it. The science given through the Fulab is not limited to subscribers, but rather to the general public where they can follow educational lectures online, and they can also apply Fablab Subscriber projects through applying only steps, and the manufacturing tools are available and simple.

Sites and Programs will help you document your work

  • Screenpresso
    “A screenshot is worth a thousand words!”

    Image and video screen capture program, to save your time explaining something; Useful for making the tutorials.
    Click here to install it

  • Photo Joiner
    A website where you can join multiple photos together to make a single image.

  • remove bg
    Online background remover to remove the background from any image or photo automatically.

  • Sketchfab
    This website will help you to include your original design files in your website. This is required in FabAcademy.

  • vimeo
    To download the videos and display them in Assignment.

  • PNG and JPG compression
    We need in Fabacademy to compress images when uploading them to our site, this site automatically compresses images while maintaining the quality of the images, but also, we can compress it to the size we want.

  • Fritzing
    A program that facilitates the drawing schematics, unfortunately, I did not use it because I got to know it recently.