19. Invention, Intellectual Property and Income

My Final Project Summary Slide

My Final Project Video

My Dissemination Plan

Is there a business plan?
If the project succeeds and the plants grow, I will not stop there, but I will make a project larger than this to be another source of income for me. I will not rely solely on my future university certification.

Who is my project for?
Initially, with this small project, my family will benefit from these crops, but I will promote this economic agriculture; so that others can benefit from it, as I have benefited.
Many people do not know that plants can grow without soil, as I know it by chance.

How is it funded?
I will post this project on social media to promote this economic agriculture, I will try to encourage those who see it to try it. Trying the youth this system will undoubtedly benefit the Kingdom of Bahrain, due to the lack of fertile soil, while the Kingdom of Bahrain depends on imports to obtain a lot of crops.

How do I develop my project?
Currently, I am considering put a pH sensor to measure the pH in water because this number is important for fish and plant growth, instead of pH control kits. Also I will put a sensor to measure the amount of ammonia in the water, to know whether the number of fish is suitable for efficient cultivation or not.

I am also thinking about the automatic pouring of water from the source into the tank, as well as feeding the fish to be automatic.

Also, I will strive to build an protected agriculture to control the temperature and humidity of the surrounding atmosphere, so that I can plant seasonal fruits.