A new project idea

I have decided to redirect to a project that involves more electronics, sensors and kinetic movement of structures to reflect the local world via an artistic representation.  I feel this is more in line with my current work and will serve as an example of integrating an "A" into STEM to give us STEAM.  This project is not yet named, but there is a rough sketch below.  This 3-4 foot across creation will be prototyped in a plywood veneer.  The person on the unicycle, pedaling speed being driven by a photo voltaic panel (which powers the device), will move from left to right to indicate day of the month. Sensors include: UV, Ammeter, Clock, Pressure, and maybe humidity.  The movement of the unicyclist from left to right requires a track and may be the most complex.  The moving pieces include the person, sun/moon, clouds (they rise from behind mountains, and thunderclouds.  Each sensor is tied to a movement reflected in real time.  I would like to include user interaction and am considering the inclusion of a decibel sensor.

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