Week 17 - Invention, Intellectual Property and income

"Develop a plan for dissemination of your final project."

Dissemination Plan

The primary goal for this project is to remove the veil of how things work for young students.  This is best done by making it easy to see how things work and make it into something fun and engaging. Our primary entry point for this exposure will be a summer camp for rising 4th grade students called WonderLab.  This camp creates a diverse group of students from two very different school populations.  This camp is steeped in making, building, and tinkering all with an eye toward the Next Generation Science standards they will be exposed to in the 4th grade.  

To release this on Instructables, leverage a GPL, so that other teachers can make the fun instructional aid in the Fall of 2014.

The target market are K-8 students and their teachers.  However, this could be used in any classroom and even replicated in other building sets.

The camp, and subsequent connections with other teachers, will iterate how the game can be used in novel and unique ways in both classrooms and afterschool programs.

Partnering with summer camps like WonderLab, and then schools to allow them to develop and access the game for education.

Disseminated through Instructables.com and in the local classrooms.

The game will be successful if it is implemented in a way that can be replicated easily by students and teachers.  The support structure will leverage Instructables.com feedback systems.  

The game, in addition to WonderLab and Instructables.com, will also be pushed through the www.makerslab.com site and via Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr sites.

Continued exposure through local schools and the websites listed.

The game is not play tested and needs to be iterated through several versions with students and teachers.  The game also needs to have a few lessons created to go with the hardware.

I used the RUSH website and their associated dissemination plan documentation: http://www.researchutilization.org/matrix/resources/dedp/#ten

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