FabAcademy 2014 - Takuma Oami

Fablab Vestmannaeyjar

Principles And Practices Project Management

Assignments: Sketch your final project


When I was junior high school student, molecular model my teacher show to me looks like interesting fun toy. I really wanted to play with it but I couldn't since it is expensive educational resource, they said.

But now I can make it by myself, at least I can try to make.

Fwd:Molecular model


So this is my plan for final project.
Let me explain how to use it below.

  1. It is a bunch of Nodes and Arcs. Nodes have different shapes changing angle of Arcs and some holes on itself and Circuits are embedded in Arcs to enable Nodes to comunicate eith each other.
  2. Combine Nodes and Arcs into whatever you like. It doesn't need to be scientifically correct molecular model. It could be architectural structure, typography, or shape of animals etc.
  3. Then if it is connected with PC throgh USB cable, software detects the shape of the model by checking conections of Nodes and Arcs and import it as 3D model to your PC.

I hope it will work not only as educational purpose but also as tangible 3D modeling tool.


  • Detecting connections and positions of Nodes (Probably IC2 is useful)
  • Making lot of small parts (molding and casting ?)
  • Power supply (If model contains a lot of Nodes, is USB power enogh for them to work?)
  • Designing connector between Arc and Node.
  • Developing software (3D format, GUI, platform)