FabAcademy 2014 - Takuma Oami

Fablab Vestmannaeyjar

Computer Aided Design

Assignments: model a possible final project

Sketcing with Pen tablet + my Paint

At the beginning of this week, I tried myPaint + pen tablet.
It was first time to use pen tablet for me but soon I realized it's powerful tool for sketching ideas and define its details quickly. I need more practice to draw sketch with this software including a bunch of tools and feeling of pen tablet. Since combination of these tools must improve my design enviroment, probably I will buy one for myself later.


3D modeling with Rhino

Then I started 3D modeling with Rhino. To know how big the model is, I created 3d model of electric components which is placed inside model based on Datasheets below.

3D modeling Units

Since measurements of inclusions are decided, it became easy to make shell covering these.

In the image, brown parts are componens, blue parts are case made by casting resin or 3D printing, and green parts are copper sheets to add one more conductor to each port.
About my project plan, please check last week page

Combine units

To check how Nodes and Arcs connect together, I combine units in Rhino and saw how looks like.
There are some points I should modify and more study and research are required to define details. I listed about that after the image below.

For next step:

So far I'm planning to use 3.5mm phone plug & jack as connector between Nodes and Arcs because the shape of plug and jack keep connection correct when Arc rotate.
But if I could make twistable structure for Arc, it would be repalaced by FCI Pin and Header. It means Cost per unit become cheaper than using phone plugs so I can produce more units in same badget. And Futhermore, in this way, copper sheets for making addditional conductor isn't necessary anymore so shape of units could be more simple.
...OK, it seems work. I will modefy the model again...