C├ędric Doutriaux| Fablab PlateformeC PiNG @ Nantes | Fabacademy 2014 @ Fab Lab Barcelona SuperNode

Final project

wooden Velomobile

01.CAD Design

using Computer Aided Design

02.Computer controlled Cutting

designing a Press-fit construction kit

03.Electronics production

make the FabISP

04.3D scanning And Printing

scan and print an object

05.3D electronic Design

Draw and build a "hello world" electronic board

06.computer-controlled machining

Build something BIG

07.Embedded Programming

program your board to do something

08.Molding & casting

program your board to do something

10.input devices

manage an input


Make a composite part

12.Output devices

add an output device
to a microcontroller board you've designed
and program it to do something


make two microcontrolers talk

14.Mechanical Design

Do the mechanical design
of final project

15.Application programming

write an application that interfaces
with an input & / or output device

14.Final Project :
Application & implications

plan and document your final project