C├ędric Doutriaux
Artist and inventor, I follow courses of Poitier's fine arts school, I worked in special effects for cinema,
Then I made some interactive artistic installations.
Since several years, I wanted to made my activity changing to more concrete things,
like objects and machines, less virtual dreams than informatic creations.
For exemple I built recumbent wooden trikes, in plywood and foam.
In 2010 I follow an electrotechnic technician school, to learn some tips about motors and energy
and since I'm working in PiNG's fablab, in Nantes, in wich we work particulary on homemade cnc machines and we promote use of free and opensource softwares in fablabs, because we think that it's necessary to use freesoftware to share opendesigns.
Last year I build a new large fablab named Plateforme C , located in center of Nantes, That is still in developpement.