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18. Invention, Intellectual Property, and Income


Robotic arm and artificial intelligence are well-known topics being used in several segments. The combination of these topics is also not new, industry take advantage of smart robotic arms to design their products. Designing a generic smart arm might be new, but it is not intended here to make it commercial, hence it is not necessary make a patent of it.

Intellectual Property

Although the project does not represent a new application or system, it is important to protect the rights of the developer. People might want to use the knowledge created in this project for create business solutions and make a profit from it. Hence, it is important to have a license of the project that allow people use it in their benefit.

From the possible copyright licenses available that can be assigned to this project, Creative Commons provides an easy and light way to represent this project. The license have many important features in common and it can allow to use the project for commercial and non-commercial purposes. Bellow there are the summar of the possible licenses provided by Creative Commons.

I think the main reason of this project is to develop the knowledge that can be adapted or combined with other ideas to create different applications. It should also allow people to use it for learning purposes, but not limited to it. People should use it also to create new applications but also share their new applications for other people be able to use it. That is the main idea behind the scientific community, share the knowledge and allow to create new knowledge from it. Hence, I would like to license my project using CC License Attribution Non-Commercial + Share Alike that fits the intention and my desire of this project. Not looking for commercial applications, but creating the possibility of new knowledge arise from it.


This project could definitly find real-life applications and became a new business product. However, I am only prototyping and checking how to put the parts together. In order to make it a business, I would need to invest much more time to fix holes, create a good product design, that could use cheaper components, etc. For now, I am not looking for use this time for it, and maybe one day I will. But I will think about it later. For now, I am happy in designing the prototype and show that is possible to create a generic robotic arm.

Presentation final project

Last update: June 19, 2021