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Invention, Intellectual Property, and Income

This week assignment was to create a dissemination plan and then start working on our slide and video.

Plan for dissemination

The main idea behind my project is creating something very similar to Nanoleafs that others can use and make for less than the original product. Therefore I chose to use the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license. This license includes the ability for people to create and edit my final project but doesnt allow anyone to profit off of it. While I was looking around for licenses, I saw the others that Creative Commons had. They had many similar except they were for commercial use or had a limited region. I do however like the fact that I must be given credit by those who may add on or adapt my project. AFter I finished researching my license, I was ready to move onto working on the slide.


This week I started to work on my slide. I started out by thinking of what I wanted to include on it. I decided that I would include the core parts of my project such as 3d printing and laser cutting instead of focusing on some of the smaller details. I also included a picture of all the panels working. I then found this cool backgroung that I had used for my computer wallpaper. This fit my slide perfectly. I then paired it with come text and fab logos. Above is the final result.


For my video, I wanted to show each part of my slide but in more depth. Using my slide as a reference I added clips from all stages of my project. The one section that I didnt include was the code. However, I showed that my code was working by including a 15 second clip of all the functions working at the beginning and end of my video. To edit this all together, I used Davinci resolve which happens to have a plethera of helpful tutorials about it. After I had sliced all the clips together, I used the text feature to show what I was talking about for those who were just watching it after the fact. I then added some music that I found on youtube. I spent a little more time doing some work on the transitions before I finished my video.

Last update: June 18, 2021