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Applications and Implications

This week we are tasked with finalizing our idea for the final project and then answering the questions below. On top of this weeks assignment, I started working on my actual final project.

What will it do?

Ive always been interested in decorating my home office but the sleek leds panels called NanoLeafs that I want cost to much. My goal is to create something very similar with the same functionality but for far cheaper. The panels will have button inputs and will also be able to be controlled by using a bluetooth terminal on a phone. For the Output it will be RGB Leds. Each node will have its own controller and will be linked the same way I did for my networking week.

Who’s done what beforehand?

Before starting out, I researched to see what others have done. Many people have made simple versions that just include an arduino, a led strip, and some buttons. While this may satisfy 90% of people who wish to make something similar, I want the complete experience of Nanoleafs. It would also not showcase the wide range of skills that I have learned this year.

Thingverse Thingverse Thingverse

What will you design?

I will be designing nearly everything from the ground up. The frame, top and bottom will be designed by me. The internal mounting will be done by me aswell as the main and node boards. After I have that done, I may decide to make my own LEDs strips so I can get spacing right but that is still in the air. Most of this stuff I have already done in previous weeks. In the coming weeks however, I will need to mass produce much of the stuff as I plan to make 5+ panels.

What materials and components will be used?

I will be using acrylic for the top, bottom, and sided of each panel. I will also need to make a paper diffuser that will be made of regular copy paper. I will also need some push buttons, leds, resistors, 412 chips and a few other small parts. My lab already has these parts so I will have to find external links for the arts I used. Other than that, I will use some copper PCB for the connecting points and boards.

Where will they come from?

Part Price Quantity Location
Bluetooth chip HC05 7.99 1
8x11 sheet of copy paper 8.93 1 per panel
1/4th acrylic 26.93 1 per panel
Single sided copper PCB 6.99 1
Neopixel leds 30.88 1
Sound detector 10.95 1

What parts and systems will be made?

The only things that will not be made on the project will be the microphone board, led strips, and the bluetooth interface and chip. Everything else such as the frame, diffuser, main and node boards, and connectors. There are smaller subsystems within each of theses systems that will also be made

What processes will be used?

Process note
3d printing 3d printed board mounts
laser cutting the top, bottom, and frame of each panel
inputs Hc05 bluetooth chip and sound detector board
outputs Neopixel leds
networking linking all the nodes to the main boards for communication
electronics custom main and node boards

How will it be evaluated?

My final project should be graded based the cost effectiveness. The main reasoning behind my project is to make the similar panels to Nanoleafs but for less. The project should also be graded on whether the input, output and other system work in harmony to produce a function result.

Last update: June 4, 2021