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Project Management

About my project

For my final project, I have decided to make NanoLeafs. NanoLeafs are LED panels that you can hang on your wall or ceiling to create a cool, customizable LED affect that can light up your room. Nanoleafs have been around for a few years now but becuase of their expensive price, not everyone has been able to access them. My main goal for this project is to create a guide so that any other engineer can replicate them on a budget. I plan on not only documenting on my site, but also on etsy or thingverse. This will allow more people to see and hopefully try out my project.


Our week one assignment was to think through our idea. I breifly summarized what each machine would do for my project but will elaborate much more on the reasons below the image.

How is it going to be made?

As part of my goal for this project, I want to make it as simple and cheap as possible but still have the functionality of the original project. I will be using the CNC machine to cut out the triangle outline of the frame using a soft material like wood. Then I will sand and either stain or paint it a dark color. I will then use the laser cutter to cut out the two triangular panels per panel out of clear and black acrylic. I will then frost the top, clear panel to diffuse the lights inside. 3D printing and molding will be nessecary on the inside to hold the custom PCB in place. finally i will use custom connectors to hold each NanoLeaf together.



Machine Part Notes
3D Printer Interior Mounts The mounts will help hold wires and the board in place
CNC Machine Exterior Frame Made of wood, will be stained/painted in a dark color
Laser Cutter Acrylic Top and Bottom Top layer will be frosted. Bottom will be made black acrylic
Vinyl Cutter Tag It will mark which panel is the ‘hub’ and which are add-ons
Output LED strip The strips will line the inside of the CNC material
Input Buttons Buttons will control brightness, color, and patterns
Molding & Casting Pads The pads will go on the back of each panel and protect it from rubbing on the surface that it is mounted on
Micro Controller Arduino Based Board The board will be the brain and control each part of the project

Last update: February 6, 2021