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Principles and Practices

The Week’s Subject

Week one was focused primarily on the development of our idea for our project. Right from the start, I knew what I wanted to do so I spent the majority of my time developing sketches and breaking down my project. Prior to researching my idea, I spent a day setting up MKdocs and SourceTree.

From Nanoleafs website

MKdocs install & Sourcetree

While our teacher provided us with a rough, rudimentary guide for setting up MKdocs, Myself and fellow classmates Jack Hollingsworth and Teddy Warner. Together we were able to work through obstacles especially copying the SSH key. Originally we were generating the SSH by using the Command Prompt. It did work, but later on, while setting up MKdocs on my laptop, I learned the I could use the GIT GUI to generate and copy an SSH key in a matter of seconds. Once I had made this discovery, I shared it with my classmates. It worked for all the people on Windows but it did not work on Mac devices. I will include instruction on how to use GIT GUI to get your computers SSH. Once I had installed and successfully tested MKdocs, I directed my focuses towards setting up a version control software like Git or SourceTree. I was originally going to do GIT but after a great tutorial from my classmate Jack Hollingsworth. I switched to SourceTree It took me only a matter of minutes before it was working. Sourcetree will help me in the future to monitor my adjustments.

Inspiration & Plan

Ever since Nanoleafs came to my attention in 2016, I have always wanted them. With the current way my office is setup, I have LED strips set up that surround my computer aswell as some foam panels on the sides. I have wanted to replace those, with a more custom, configurable, and most importantly, inexpensive Nanoleaf type panel. In the past I have draw up plans and made renderings for my office and I always include the panels. Unfortuantely, to get the amount that I would like, it would cost me well over 500$. My final project will replicate and add to the Nanoleaf concept while keeping the price low. In my plans, drawings, and thoughts below, I will break down ever step that I will take each week.

Sources of Inspiration

Last update: February 7, 2021