Modeling my final project


To achieve my idea I will need to analyze the whole process that Quentino will carry out, the basis of the project is to generate benefits to the children for their personal development but also to improve the bonding with the parents. This is why my proposal is versatile for two different cases, one when the child can handle it alone and the other in the company of his parents. All the information received by Quentino will serve to provide better proposals for each child.



To understand the use of Quentino I first made a flow chart that helps me to know the paths of use, this smart device can be used with ease for a child, after all they are the beneficiaries and that is why the complexity of use should not be high.

At first I had the idea of making it in two forms, one for daytime use and one for nighttime use, due to the circumstances in which Quentino can be used. Another important point I want to mention is that it becomes a support for parents not to disconnect them from their children but to create a special connection. 💓

Operating flow

Operating flow

My ideas

General ideas

- Concept: Quentino is an opportunity to develop children's soft skills and at the same time becomes an alternative for their recreation.
- Form: Quentino is intended to be portable and one of the friendliest shapes is a sphere, this allows easy accessibility and the possibility to play with the object.
- Material: The proposal is to generate a soft, moldable and light texture, Quentino can be easily placed in children's hands and, being soft, it will prevent it from breaking easily.
- Function: Quentino is used day and night, the first way is as an mp3 player, it can be connected with headphones and can be easily transported, the second way is as a lamp, you can listen with speaker and interact with motion sensors and sounds.


To build Quentino
- These are some initial graphics I have for my final proposal, I know the shape will change over time but I imagine Quentino as a character, possibly having a face or eyes so that children can see him as a doll or stuffed animal and become familiar and attached fairly quickly. đŸ„°



- I imagine Quentino as those toys I had in my childhood, there were little dolls that I could squash with my hands and they had many strange shapes, I liked them very much. Because of this inspiration I made some tests of how it could work using materials at home, toothpaste, a balloon and a lot of pressure helped me to make my first physical prototype.

My childhood doll

My home test

- Thanks to research on the possibility of use and specialist basis, I meet periodically with the creators of "CuentologĂ­a", This project is very interesting and Quentino is the perfect complement. About CuentologĂ­a; "Stories are one of the most used tools in child psychology, due to the simplicity of their application and the great acceptance they have on the part of children. Due to the immense connection that they have with fantasy and imagination, this instrument allows them to transfer what they have learned from the imaginary to reality, identifying with the characters and finding tools that will help them face the difficulties that arise and all like playing!" It's very important to know how can I generate one alternative that will can promove all of these benefits to help the development of kids, I'm sure that at this space I can do it.




- To start giving real shape to Quentino I have thought of some ways to structure it, it is important to understand that this device can be built in the future in any digital fabrication lab so I am still working on what will be the best mechanism to use. Here are some sketches. đŸ„°