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17. Invention, Intellectual Property, and Income

For this week we needed to develop a plan for dissemination of our final project. I also prepared summary slide and video clip.

Dissemination Plan

For Dissemination I decided to make a Slide and a video clip. I used Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Premiere to make a Slide and video clip. Slide can be seen in a following picture.


Like I said before, I made a video clip in 1080p, 1 minute duration and put it in a root directory. You can see it here.

I was thinking to use this mobile robot in my school for teaching robotics and electronics. I was thinking maybe to modify it in the future together with kids (add wirelles control, more sensors…).

I don’t intend for it to become a product, to start a company for it, to optimize and scale it.


I have read a little about licensing and found out that most common licence is Creative Commons. Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that helps overcome legal obstacles to the sharing of knowledge and creativity to address the world’s pressing challenges. Creative Commons licenses give everyone from individual creators to large institutions a standardized way to grant the public permission to use their creative work under copyright law. From the reuser’s perspective, the presence of a Creative Commons license on a copyrighted work answers the question, “What can I do with this work?”

There are six different license types, I choose CC BY-NC licence. That means:


Licence terms can be found here.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License

Last update: June 16, 2021