sp02 “mask”

A proposal to make “mask, or filter holder”

1. paper prototyping

mask-base mask-paper

2. modeling in fusion360

( sketch ) mask-fusion-sketch

3. laser cutting

0.2 mm PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plate

As a filter, I tried “antibacterial wet tissue paper”.

combine two of them put “antibacterial wet tissue paper” between the PET plates
mask1_result mask2_result
antibacterial wet tissue paper
wet1 wet2


4. PROs & CONs


  • easy to make
  • effective to avoid splash
  • effective to avoid touching the filter media unlike the conventional masks, preventing viruses and bacteria from propagating in the mask


  • filtering performance is depending upon the filter material, and seal condition with face
  • ( in this case ) filtering performance of “antibacterial wet tissue paper” is doubtful. ( but, “wet” thing might be effective to catch the small particles in the air )

“mask.dxf” download