W10 - Applications and implications

1. Weekly Assignments

Have you answered these questions?

Questions from “Fab Academy 2020 Assignments and Assessment

Applications and Implications

  • what will it do?

  • who has done what beforehand?

  • What will you design?

  • what materials and components will be used?

  • where will they come from?

  • how much will they cost?

  • what parts and systems will be made?

  • what processes will be used?

  • what questions need to be answered?

  • how will it be evaluated?

2. Answers for the each Questions

What will it do?

give people indoor exercise opportunity, while generating electric power

  • This will be used as an electric generator while people get some exercise moving their legs and/or arms.
  • Also, the drive simulator motivates ( simple toy car on the rolled paper ) the people to continue the exercise.
  • Various people can use this. Two legs, two arms, one leg & one arm, etc. If the drive simulator consists of the thick & rich-texture materials like felt, blind people can touch and feel it.

sketches in the early stage ( 2020/01 )

202001_fp_idea1 202001_fp_idea2
202001_fp_idea3 202001_fp_idea4

Project summary, as of this week (2020/04/08)


Who’s done what beforehand?

Many people made bicycle type ( or pedal & crank ) generator, but they are not suitable for the indoor use because they are heavy and bulky.

Also, there are many kinds of exercise machines but most of them are just wasting the energy, in other words, just converting the mechanical energy ( from human body ) to heat energy, not producing electricity.

examples of human-powered generator


examples of gaming exercise


What will you design?

generator set

drive simulator ( to keep motivation for exercise )

control system

chair & table

Final Project System

What materials and components will be used?

for generator set ; magnet, copper wire, steel plate, steel shaft, one-way clutch, bearing, wooden plate, belt, pulley, etc. ​

for drive simulator ; shaft, wooden plate, paper, stud bolt, magnet, etc.

for chair & plate ; wooden plate

for control system ; Atmega328P, potentiometer, Servo Motor, etc.

Where will come from?

the above materials comes from Japan, China, etc.

How much will they cost?

approximately, ¥50,000

What parts and systems will be made?

generator set, drive simulator, control system, chair & table

Final Project BOM

What processes will be used?

additive fabrication

​ 3D printing ; model car

subtractive fabrication

​ laser cutting ; generator, drive simulator

​ CNC ; chair

​ CNC ; control board ( PCB )

What questions need to be answered?

practicality, especially battery charging performance

ease of use, fun of gaming & exercise

How will it be evaluated?

third party ( or person ) evaluation, if possible

( the events like Maker Faire are good opportunity )

FA Final Project Plan