About myself - call me “HARU”

I’m a freelance engineer, and making the tools or equipments which bring out human abilities.

My background

I used to be working for a large equipment company, and was developing diesel engines. Basically, I’m a mechanical engineer, but also have an experience of managing the software development for some part of the engine control systems.

Through the development of large equipments, and after visiting huge mining sites in the world, I started to think that human-scale tools are more important for the sustainable life.



  • made a paper craft of bulldozer, as soon as I wake up, in one morning in lower grade of elementary school.
  • made a simple 4-leg robot with some bent aluminum plates and motors, in junior high.
  • studied control technology and mechanical engineering in Shinshu university.
  • developed the diesel engines for construction machinery as an engineer of the R&D department in Komatsu Ltd.
  • learnt the permaculture in which people can sustainably live together with nature.
  • left the large company, then founded my own and started to make the tools which bring out human ability.
  • for example ,,,
  • Bamboo Charkha ( portable, cotton spinning wheel, made of bamboo )
  • Human-powered Spin dehydrator for laundry


  • As an inventor to develop the equipments to support the people, I want to expand my basic knowledge to make the things, especially in the field of control and IoT.
  • I want to keep myself in the dynamic and energetic fab/maker community, and to share the ideas with those who are seeking the better future.