W18 - Project development

1. Weekly Assignments

Have you answered these questions?

Questions from “Fab Academy 2020 Assignments and Assessment

Project Development

  • what tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?
  • what has worked? what hasn’t?
  • what questions need to be resolved?
  • what will happen when?
  • what have you learned?

2. Answers for the each Questions

what tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?


functional prototyping of the items below

leg powered Generator and Drive simulator ( LEGO components )

img_8705 img_8642
img_8895 2 img_8899 2

remaining items

design the laser cut version of Generator and Drive simulator [ item A ]

better packaging including the wiring [ item B ]

charging DC 12V battery system hand powered item wireless communication between generator control and simulator control haptic factor of the Drive simulator

what’s working? what’s not?

Generator works, but the output power is low ( about 5 watt )

Drive simulator works, but the Steering control with potentiometer is not easy.

what questions need to be resolved?

How to get more generator output?

To charge smart phones, at least 15 W is required, considering the power loss due to the charge/discharge efficiency of 12V battery and the power consumption of Drive simulator.

The bottle neck limiting the generator output so far is the slippage of the generator belt system.

Therefore, more robust design of the slider and belt system is needed. [ item C ]

How to improve the Steering system of Drive simulator?

Instead of using wired potentiometer, try wireless system like BLE.

To do this, I’ll change the MCU from Atmega328P to ESP32, so that I can try wifi/BLE. [ item D ]

what will happen when?

I’ll complete the above [ item A, B, C, D ] by the end of June, so that I can be ready for the Final Project Presentation in Mid July.

what have you learned?

a lot, especially,,, electronics production, IoT basic

ability to solve the problems which I’m not familiar with

Final_Project_ System_rev1