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19. Invention, Intellectual Property and Income

This week I planned a dissemination of my final project in terms of Invention, Intellectual Property and Icome.


Before I made my whole final project I saw there where few engines about levitating input and output devices, so in this useful Fab Academy session I worked to improve this idea and I will continue it on the Hello Lamp project.

At this time, as my Fab Academy final project, the Hello Lamp is a non-obvious device composed of:

  • levitation module
  • Neopixel rgb LED strip
  • capacitive touch inputs
  • RTC & 4 digit LED segments
  • Integrated cases
  • Internal and external packaging system


Intellectual Property

Reasonably, I will preserve my final project to be recognised from others as a mine original work and Intellectual property;

I will make use of a utility patent, without make any form of disclosure except sharing my whole final project on my repository.


About my final project’s income, my task is to improve the Hello Lamp adding many output and input devices, upgrading it from non-obvious device to an useful device to finally share it by more form of disclosure and to make it available in stores.