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1. Principles and practices

This week I searched my final project and I started documentating the assignments.

Final Project research

Obviously, I was searching for something new and useful: I started doing searches about general needs and different devices. I attemped studying and sketching wearable technology to keep warming, then hydroponic systems with remote control, and after solar powerbanks, furniture, and speakers. At the end, I realized there is already a lot about these type of devices … I immediatly looked for something new, full of tools, as a personal assitant, with lighting system and fascionating design; I decided that my final project will be about RGB LED lights, sensor of temperature and humidity, clock, and remote control. I like to image it as a dinamic device. I will name it “Spectrum”, and it will levitate. I had to keep working step by step due to the big number of tool to design and program.