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15. Mechanical design

This week in Group with my instructor Antonio Grillo we defined and made the mechanical parts for the machine design week.

We intended to make a cam slider and so this week We designed and made the necessary mechanical supports. So on Fusion 360 we made a new “Fab Academy 2019 project” to share and upload data in real time.


My individual assignment

I designed the lateral supports on Rhinoceros and then I made these parts; the two lateral supports are composed of three layer with a thick of 4mm (as the plywood thickness we used) and necessary joining parts; I made some of them by 3d-printing and others by laser cutting.

Computer aided design


On Rhinoceros I designed supports and necessary joining parts.

I designed parts to cut plywood with the laser cutter and other joining parts to make by 3d-printing, and also the complete the assembling system to make a concept animation.




Fusion 360

1st On Fusion I uploaded the .3dm files of each part in the group folder;


2nd And for the respective lateral parts I made new files of assembling; I inserted parts in these respective files and in the window “assembly” I selected the command “join” to make a rigid joining of parts by points.


3rd I also made an animation of parts, with the default Fusion 360’s recording function of movements, in the “Animation” workbench:

Laser cutting and 3D printing

I uploaded .dxf file of parts and started cutting with the Helix Epilog laser cutter.

Then I made other joining parts by 3D-printing.