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13. Applications and implications

This week I proposed my final project masterpiece considering the necessary applications and implications. I will make a levitating-lamp with real-time clock.



  • What will it do?

I will make a levitating lamp with real-time clock.

- What will be designed?

A case to hold and power the electromagnetic levitation, input devices and a digital clock;

A second levitating leviting case to hold a LED strip;

An internal and exernal packaging system.

- What parts and systems will be made?

Electronic production and design to program the LED strip, digital clock and capacitive touch inputs; two cases to holed them, and a packaging system.

- What materials and components will be used?

ABS for the two cases;

Transparent plexyglass to hold the levitation module and for the respective cases’ covers;

One satsha kit micro;

Two capacitive touch ttp223 sensors;

RGB LED strip;

TM1637 4 digit led clock;

DS3231 RTC;

12V levitation module and power supply;

5V-12V Voltage divider.

- What unit will be covered? And what process will be used?

It integrates a full range of fab units:

Computer aided design: sketches, vectors, technicals and 3D model

Computer Numerical Control: 3d printing to make the two cases (Additive fabrication processes) and laser cutting to make a part to hold the levitation, respective cases’ covers, and cardboard and polystyrene packaging system (Subtractive fabrication processes);
Electronics production: milling and soldering a stasha kit micro to connect components, input and output devices;

Microcontroller interfacing and programming: Arduino-satsha kit micro embedded program.


  • Who’s done it beforehand and how will it be evaluated?

In commerce there are few examples of levitating lamps and no one has remote control and clock; it will be evaluated as a new smart and fashionable piece of design.

- How much will it cost?

The Hello lamp’s materials cost 111,23 EUR. BOM

Where will it come from?

Components and digital fabrication process will come from Fab Lab Napoli.