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About me


Hi! I am Abhay Prahaladhan, an Architect and Interior Designer looking to learn prototyping and the tech side to design! I want to utilise my skills to create multiple projects to help promote the concept of a social business in India.

Visit these websites to see my work!

My background

I was born in Chennai, India. I’ve studied Bachelors of Architecture and run my own construction company in India. I have a good working knowledge of 3D modelling and no electronics background. I speak four languages and love to travel! Currently pursuing the Fabacademy from IED Madrid in Spain in an attempt to travel Europe while learning to prototype!

Previous work

This is an image of a sofa I designed on SketchUp and realised manually.:

This is the image caption

This is an image of one of my Interior Design projects.

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mailto:[email protected] +919840757950