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About me

Hi! I am Abhay Prahaladhan, an Architect and Interior Designer looking to learn prototyping and the tech side to design! I want to utilise my skills to promote the concept of a social business in India.

Visit these websites to see my work! - Click here! - or Click here!

My background

I was born in Chennai, India. I’ve studied Bachelors of Architecture and run my own construction company in India. I have a good working knowledge of 3D modelling and no electronics background. I speak four languages and love to travel! Currently pursuing the Fabacademy course from IED Madrid in Spain in an attempt to travel Europe!

Previous work

This is an image of a sofa I designed on SketchUp and realised manually.:

This is the image caption

This is an image of one of my Interior Design projects.

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mailto:[email protected] +919840757950