My FabAcademy journey

Philippe Libioulle

Quebec City - Canada ยท

I'm originating from Belgium. I moved to Canada in 1995, along with my family.

I have a degree in Computer Science and another in Economics. My current job is to manage a software team at EXFO, a major player in the test and measurement industry for the telecom market.

As far as I remember, I have always been interested in how things are done, how they work. The fact that a device is broken sounds like good news to me, since it means I can open it, figure out what is wrong and.. make a hero of myself by fixing it. Sometimes, things are .. really broken. My father was a businessman, and he was running a set of groceries. When I was a teenager I spent almost all my time in the warehouse. They had always something to fix and I learned a lot.

It is hard for me to learn something I cannot experiment. My biggest failure at high school was my chemistry course. We didn't had any lab, just a normal classroom and all the course was focusing on the theory level only.

During the first week at Fab Academy, we have been given the opportunity to have a look on final project presentations presented by former students. One of them was 9 years old and it was quite impressive. I strongly believe the education system would benefit from initiative like Fab Academy that go well beyond the basic level of teaching and that give opportunities to high potential young students like that boy. Just imagine what he will achieve at the age of 25 !