Emily St. Germain

Educator | Learner | Future Maker of Everything


I am a primary educator by training and a creative-type at heart. I have worked as an educator in the United States, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, and in Beijing, China.

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My lab

I am currently enrolled in Fab Academy at Dassault Systèmes outside of Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

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Final Project

Storytelling is magical and intrinsically human. I want to create a tool that facilitates creative storytelling for families. Many families with young children engage in bedtime story rituals.

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Portfolio of Exercises

  1. Principles and Practices / Project Management
  2. Computer-aided Design
  3. Computer-controlled Cutting
  4. Electronics Production
  5. 3D Scanning & Printing
  6. Electronic Design
  7. Computer-controlled Machining
  8. Embedded Programming
  9. Molding & Casting
  10. Input Devices
  11. Output Design
  12. Interface & Application Programming
  13. Networking & Communications
  14. Mechanical Design / Machine Design
  15. Wildcard Week
  16. Applications & Implications
  17. Invention, Intellectual Property, and Income
  18. Project Development