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Download Fusion360 files and STLs

Now I have to find a way to fix the board on the guitar.
First I searched a bit on Thingiverse for inspiration. I found this clamp and this capo.
I printed both but the clamp was to clumsy and the capo not enough strong.

And in some friends house I saw this, a tuner:

It's perfect! I first tried using the coil from a clothespin:

And tried to model myself and print it:

But the coil is too narrow, a guitar is too thick for it.
So I decided to model it in Fusion exactly using the tuner as reference taking another coil from this tongs:

I started to model a first draft.
For 3D print, I'm using my own Fabrikator 2 mini and an 1.75mm PLA filament from ICE. I'm using the same settings than my 3d print assigment.
My first attempt was not successfull, it was too thin and I didn't really think it for 3D print with a lot of supports.

So I remade it with flat side to be well print without support and add little thunder.

I smoothed a bit with the Filet tool.

I had also a litlle hole for fixing the board. And it worked very well this time!

Before making a real enclose, I made a simple holder to already fix the board on it. I model it in Fusion as usual.
So I made a 40x39mm square, but I made a cross to put in the middle a 2,5mm nut for fixing the holder.
And I extrude it for 4mm.

I print it and here the result:

But I wanted an holder with an enclosure. So I redesigned a bit with some pins on the top:

I printed it and fixed it on the clamp.

To finish it I 2d modeled this enclosure in order to be fix using the pins. I taked some mesurements because I need some access to board's pins:

I lasercutted it in some acrylic and fixed it:

It's working very well and I find it quite beautiful (you can notice that I changed outputs pin with red one. Just for show).
Now I have to make a nice enclosure for the jacks outputs.