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Final Project Development
When we started to use input devives, I was seduced by the gyroscope.
I had an idea, use gyroscope on the guitar in order to trigger some effects or else by making guitar hero moves.


Here the result!

The gyro can trigger 3 types of things:
-Using as a foot switch, par exemple trigger a rythmbox:

-Using as a potentiometer, acting on a fuzz effect.
-Connect to processing, interacting with an animation:

It will be cool if it's remotly controlled.

How is it going ?
I made with a board with a L3GD20H gyroscope and some Charlieplexing LED for Input and Output devices weeks.
I explain on those pages how I use the gyroscope with an Attiny84 and I2C communication.

I put this board on my guitar and manage to use processing to interact with an animation (Check here):

What I have to do next
-Remote control.
-Design a way to fix it on any guitar.
-Decide what thing to trigger.
-Design a board with more output.

What has worked? what hasn't?
I failed to successfully used the nF24 radio transceiver. So it will be wired. More info in the Electronic page.
I've already use the gyro in the Input week so it's not a problem.
Designing a way to fix the board to the guitar was quite challenging. I manage to succeed it, check "The clamp" page
I decide to trigger my rhythmbox because is quite easy to do and because it's the thing I use the most those days.
There's 3 outputs, check "The enclosure" page.

What will happen when?
This project is quite straigtforward.
1. Designing and making the board.
2. Designing the clamp according to the board.
3. Making the outputs.

Bill Of Material

Electronics (smd for most part): -Copper sheet -Attiny85 -slide-switch -CR2032 battery holder -L3GD20H 3-Axis gyroscope -2x6 pins header -1x6 pins header and female equivalent -3 female 6,5mm jack -1uF Capacitor -10k resistor Materials: -Acrylic -MDF -PLA Download all files.