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1b. Project management

In this week, I build my first website, and find some nice tool to simplify my workflow~

  • I use emacs org-mode to take nokes before, so it takes me a few time to learn to use Atom and Markdown to write something
  • vaibhav-saxena’s site I like the web he made! That’s so cool!

Terminal & Environment

Some of the tools we will use works better in Linux than Windows. So I choose to use linux to build my website.
I have installed WSL2 before. Let me show you how to install it.

  1. Search WSL or linux in windows Store.
  2. I will installed Ubuntu.
  3. Launch it.
    BTW, WSL works good, in the picture below you can see that I can run linux application in windows directly!
  4. Before start, don’t forget to update the package library (with sudo, admin right)
  5. Let’s check if my ubuntu have python, because mkdocs need it.
    It seems I have python3
  6. Check and install pip, because I need it to install mkdocs. w01_environment5
  7. Then, check them all.


Install mkdocs with pip (because I want to run the site locally to test it).
It is better to follow the mkdocs official guide

  1. To install the mkdocs, I met network problem as below. Someone point it is because the offical library is hard to connect in China, so I need download it from mirror link like tsinghua mirror source.
    pip install -i mkdocs
  2. I also need to install the mkdocs-material because our sample site use it.
    This is a kind of theme of mkdocs that tons of people use it. 964k/mouth downloads of it when I download it. about 100 times of the second one.
    pip install -i mkdocs-material
  3. The mkdocs-git-revision-date-localized-plugin is also needed. it enables displaying the date of the last git modification of a page. Our sample site use it.
    Learn more about it, you can go to this plugin github page pip install -i mkdocs-git-revision-date-localized-plugin

Git & fabcloud

We will use git to complete our version control workflow. Before use it, I have to make some configuration

  1. generate a new .ssh key w01_git2
  2. login in to fabcloud with Fablabs button w01_git3
  3. use cat, and then copy all the public key.
  4. go to the SSH Keys setting of your account, add a new key with the public key just copied.
  5. Because I have had a key setting with my personal github account. so in this step, I have to make a config file, in order to tell the program that when I work with fabcloud, use key yang_fabcloud to communicate.
  6. Okay, now I clone my page repositories to the Onedrive/Document/fabcloud folder.
    BTW, the /mnt/c means the C disk in the Windows is mount on the linux, so I can also check the local folder w01_git7

Edit my site

I used to use emacs to write my own bullet journal, note something important, and generate a nice network UI with packages to make my journal workflow convenient.

w01_emacs1 w01_emacs2

It’s a really powerful tool but hard to learn ya;)

This time I switch to Atom to write my pages, and maybe build a nice knowledge network with emacs in the future.

After edit the weekly assignment pages, click Stage All button in the Atom or enter git add -A to mark all the modified files in the git workflow.


Then write something and click Commit to master or enter git commit -m 'something'


Enter git push and enter the password of ssh.
BTW, I didn’t try to config my fabcloud gitlab account in Atom so far, so I don’t use Atom to push.


Speak of the git tutorial, I watched his videos when I was a beginner. Nice tutorial, but Chinese only. (Thanks!)


Picture workflows

screen capture

In windows11, it is easy to capture the whole screen with Win+PrtSc, and the screenshots will be stored in Picture\screenshots\.
In addtion, I can also use Win+Shift+S to capture a part of my screen.

png 2 jpg

I use FormatFactory to convert pngs to jpgs. it’s convenient and easy to use w01_process1 w01_process2


This is a powerful tool that Microsoft make, which use original Windows API to do some nice function. In my workflow, I use picture compress and power rename tools.
You can download it

pic compressing

Select the pics I want to compress and right click. Then choose the adjust the image size.
Set as you need, and then run.
Very convenient! w01_process3 w01_process4

file rename

I use the powerrename tool in PowerToys.
Select the files, then right click and choose powerrename.
In my case, I replace the a in my files’ name with w04_mill. w01_process5

Last update: March 18, 2022