To better illustrate the functionality and uses of this final project concept in various configurations.

USER CASE 1 - Individual with emotional dysregulation challenges

User Case 1

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An individual with multiple challenges has the added obstacle of emotional dysregulation, which hinders them from moving forward and dealing with their other challenges. The device would help them recognise when they’re in a state high emotional and (hopefully) bring them back down to a point where they can regulate their emotions and move on.

USER CASE 2 - Therapist / Rehabilitation use

User Case 2



A physical therapist uses the device to aid in the rehabilitation of stroke patients or those with fine motor skills problems. As part of a playful set of exercises or tasks, maintaining a constant or targetted feedback from the device would promote smooth movements or goals in the level to reach.

USER CASE 3 - Dancer / Recreational use

User Case 3



A professional dancer/choreographer or weekend clubber, this device will react with their movements, for creative and expressive purposes.


This device should be:

  • Easy to use.
  • Non-intrusive to wear.
  • Ability to attach to different wrist sizes.
  • Multiple functionality / levels of feedback.