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My name is Ohood I work in Dubai Municipality (DM) as Innovation Care Section Manager in the business development sector. I hold a B.Pharma degree & MQM degree from the Australian University of Wollongong, I’m a certified trainer from Canadian Global Center for Consulting and Training, Certified Internal Auditor in DM. Also I’m a Member in the following:Vice-Chairman of the Evaluation of Financial suggestion Committee • Member in the Emirates Intellectual Property Leaders Program • Member in the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights Committee • Member in the DM Future team


[Make almost Anything]

implementing my ideas

[digital fabrication]

Learning & implementing the principles and applications of digital fabrication


connecting with Highly Intelligent People around the world

[Adding value]

Improving the quality of life through my projects

Fab Academy Course 2021

is an intensive five-month program that teaches students to envision, design and prototype projects using digital fabrication tools and machines. It is a multi-disciplinary and hands-on learning experience that empowers students to learn-by-doing and inspires them to make stuff locally to become active participants in sustainable cities and communities.

My Location: FabLab UAE

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