Project Development


Individual assignment:
1. Complete your final project, tracking your progress.

Individual assignment

In this week I will complete my final project and track my progress

1.what tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

Completed tasks:

  • 3D design the packaging
  • Electronic design
  • Mill the PCB board
  • 3D printing packaging
  • Lasercutting the acrylic lid
  • Vinylcut the letters on the pills container
  • Networking and communications
  • Coding & programming the electronics components

  • Remaining tasks:

  • Re-design the lid
  • Interface and application programming

  • 2.what's working? what's not?

    The wave project was successfully working smooth system integration and proper overall packaging, but there was a comment on the lid so I’ll re-design it.

    3.what questions need to be resolved?

    How I can change the timing of the alarm according to desired time?

    Which interface will be the best option to use?

    4.what will happen when?

    I will present my project on 16/6/2021 so I prepared the presentation image & the video you can preview it in this link .

    5.what have you learned?

    Implementing all the principles and applications of digital fabrication that I learned through my journey in Fab Academy.