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1. Principles and practices

This first week was dedicated to thinking and planning possible outcomes for my final project.
It was a bit difficult because I don’t yet know the full extent of the uses of technologies and practices that we will learn through the course.

Student Agreement

Here‘s the link to the Student Agreement page.


At first I decided to try and brainstorm possible ideas related to two of my areas of interest micromobility and audio devices.


This technique didn’t work and instead generated some level of anxiety in me. I then decided to think about what problems I encountered on that day and plan some devices to help me solve those.

Short Insert Remote Controlled Dropper Post

dropper post

Sketches for a button-activated dropper post for off-road cycling.
The design is inspired by the Hite-Rite spring system.
This dropper post utilizes a mechanical arm with 3 joints (2 segments) moved by a motor in order to move the post from lowered down to it’s original position.

Multi-game Programmable Clock


I have quite passionate about board and card games.
I would have always wanted a clock that would allow me to be following the time related rules system for Magic the Gathering. In MTG every turn is divided in multiple phases, for each one of them a player has a maximum of 30 seconds, when a player takes less than 30 sec to complete a phase, they gain a time token. Those are basically counting additional 30 second increments that the player uses to extend the time that they can spend on a turn phase.
Some chess formats also require more complicated clock related rules.
This clock allows to be programmed for various games and game formats, with enough buttons for players to interact with the clock in the required ways.

Yeast Reviver, Gear Indexing Helper

The Automated Yeast Reviver helps you spending less time to revive sourdough yeast.
Yeast has to be revived every five days, this devices helps you doing it less often.
It has a flour tank and a water tank that release the same amount of needed material every five days.
A motor pushes the yeast excess in a bit tank.
A rotating motorized spatula blends the yeast mixture.
The tanks are to be re-filled once a month, the bin is to be emptied once a month.


The Friction Sensitive Gear Indexing Helper is a rotating arm that rotates pedals when needed during the gear indexing, which is a part of bicycle maintanace.
Indexing consists in setting the rear derailleur so that it switches gears correctly and with the least possible friction.
This devices makes it less long because it allows you to turn the cranks without the use of your hands, a friction sensor communicates increased or decreased wattage needed to spin the cranks via a LCD screen.


Task List

  • [x] Read Fab Charter
  • [x] Sketch Final Project ideas
  • [x] Describe function and usage

Last update: July 5, 2021