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18. Project Development

What tasks have been completed?


  • housing for the puck
  • pcb/electronics of the puck
  • pcb/electronics of the sending station
  • housing of the sender → todo
  • sender code
  • receiver code
  • html interface website


  • charging the batteries
  • charging station and holder for pucks while recharging
  • milling the mold for epoxy Casting
  • casting more Pucks :-)

What’s working? What’s not?

things that work

  • electronics and code work.
  • interface works
  • housing is fine

things that need re-work

  • sender housing needs rework
  • silicone bumpers need small adjustments

What questions need to be resolved?

  • how sturdy will they be in real life use?
  • how long will the actual lora range be in a venue?
  • how long will the batteries last?

What will happen when?

I made a backplanning in the week 16

I got to around half of the 4th spiral in my plan this time. The last steps will be for after the presentation.

Spiral 1 :

  • try our esp and Lora, bleutooth to decide what to use in the boards.
  • build basic code

Spiral 2 :

  • test lora and code on wemos D1 boards and arduino.
  • start building web interface
  • start 3D design for pucks
  • start kicad board design

Spiral 3 :

  • mill pcb’s and solder them
  • 3D print puck housing and test fit
  • Look into materials for final pucks or method of producing
  • look into system to wireless charge the pucks

Spiral 4 :

  • finalize sender code and webpage
  • design and make mold to cast rubber bumper
  • cast silicone bumper
  • finalize receiver code
  • finalize puck housing
  • design and build sender housing, laser cut out of plywood or acrylic

Spiral 5:

  • make mold to cast pucks in epoxy
  • cast pucks
  • design and make wireless charging station

what have you learned?

  • always account for things to go wrong when you least expect it!
  • batteries die faster than you think!
  • I got much more insight in making my own electronics

What processes were used?

  • 3d design and 3D printing
  • silicone mold making
  • epoxy casting
  • pcb design and milling
  • electronics soldering
  • embedded programming
  • network programming
  • interface programming
  • 2d design and laser cutting

Bill of materials

material suppliers price
pcb blanks Rs components/ pollin electronic 6 euro
Pla filament Trideus 20euro/spool
silicone Voss chemie 219 euro/10kg
epoxy Voss chemie 14 euro/500gr
birch plywood hannsens hout 15 euro/sheet
electronic components PUCK:
vibration motor recycled 0
Neopixel banggood 1€
lora module amazon € 13,49
tiny1614 Rs components 0,5 €
3V regulator Rs components 0,3
transistor MMBTA14 Rs components 0,083
resistors Rs components 0,06
capacitors Rs components 0,2
led Rs components 0,2
headerpins Rs components 0.5
electronic components SENDER:
esp8622 12E amazon 4€
switch Rs components 0,6
button Rs components 0,6
neopixel?? banggood
3V regulator Rs components 0,3
resistors Rs components 0,06
capacitors Rs components 0,2
led Rs components 0,2
headerpins Rs components 0.5
lora module amazon € 13,49
3.7V lipo battery amazon 10 €/piece

Last update: June 8, 2021