2. Computer controlled cutting

Once the design is done and the DXF files are prepared. The work for Lasercutting is quite simple. All I have to do is prepare the material and make the setting correct.

Files prepared for the lasercut machine:

Arylic layers:
(3 pieces of 5mm)

Plywood layers:
(12 pieces of 5mm,1 pieces of 1.5mm)


Some layers in the middle are separated into two part to save material.

Production process:

The process is quite easy, just chang material one by one and click “start”, then waiting…


Sacrificed a lot of materials, all the layers I need are prepared. Such a lot of similiar shape, hoping I won’t assemble them wrong.


To make all the layers combined together, I used the wood glue to overlay them layer by layer.


Don’t squeeze too much glue between two layers. As long as it’s uniform and thin.


All the plywood and arylic are 5mm except one layer whose thickness is just 1.5mm. Its role is to fix the cables connected to the magnets.
At the first time I didn’t desice to use one of this layer, but there is to many cables inside. One edge has 5 cables, so 6 edges equals to 30 cables. What a mess work it is if without a proper way to package.

The magnets should be fixed between two layers.

Acutally it’s quite difficult to glue the magnets and plywood together. I have tried many different glue. Obviously the 502 glue is not a better choice because it doesn’t suit the metal. The UHU glue is the last one I choose. Here is the right guy I should marry haha~

The arylic should be untransparent. Otherwise the components inside the module will be seen. That is not good for my product. So the frosted milky ones is the better choice.


After all the assembling work is done. I put the PCBs and battery into it. Everything looks good.