About me

Hi,I’m Cheng Pan. A mechanical engineer; A STEM lesson Teacher; A lifelong learner.

My background

I was born in Shanghai. Graduated from University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. My major is mechanical design, manufacturing and automation. After graduation I worked in a research and production company. But I’m also a person who loves children, animals, photography,travel, cooking and so on. Although I was required to maintain a high degree of consistency in my work, I am a creative person in my life. I like to attend workshop activities and discuss ideas with friends. And I especially love children, because I found that they are a group of natural creators. I am agree with STEM teaching philosophy and fabacademy, so I choose to be a teacher and also choose to join fabacademy.

My work experience

I was a mechanical engineer worked in a Chinese company named Shanghai Power Equipment Research Institute.Visit this website to see my work! SPERI. My job was designing and manufacturing industrial products for the power plant.

Because of lacking diversification and feeling tired of the complicated people relationship in the company, I decided to quit my job and became a teacher teaching students STEM lessons using my professional skills.

I really love sharing my skills with the students and stay innovative.
I have led a Chinese High School Team NO.5515 as a mentor to participate in FRC(First Robot competition) . To see more information about FRC here.
I also want to make like-minded friends here.So I decided to participate in Fabacademy.

My Project

Here is one of my project called Light Graffiti stick which is made my Arduino.

If you want to draw a picture in the air. You can just upload your image using TF card into the stick controller and take a short walk. In the same time using a camera to take a long exposure picture, then you can see your image magically shown on screen.