I'm a multimedia engineer working at UCSF on neuroscience, doing research on videogames, VR, electrical brain stimulation and, recently, psychedelics.

Born and raised in Barcelona, in the GrĂ cia neighbourhood, i was always fascinated by nature and biology, especially about genetics and neuroscience, since i was in highschool. I ended up studying Multimedia Engineering though, fascinated by the possibilities of coding, audiovisual production and virtual reality. I learned a bit of everything (digital), from coding to signal processing, math, sound and video production and so on.

I initially worked as a software developer using java, then became a part time project manager at an IT company, and part time creative coder making installations for museums, faires and such, which is what i enjoyed the most.

After a few years, i got the chance to put my old passions together and join a Neuroscience Lab at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), Neuroscape, where i work as Director of Technology. Neuroscape's motto is bridging the gap between neuroscience and technology. We use the latest tech in our neuroscience videogame-experiments, from motion capture, to VR/AR, Biosensors, and research grade EEG, fMRI and brain stimulation devices. Here's a good overview of the lab's work (from 2014) Keynote at GTC 2014.

As of this year, we will include classic psychedelics on our neuroscience+tech recipe, to study their potential given the very promising results of past and recent research, and the (finally) new wave of slow acceptance around them both from a public and from a research funding perspective.

reach me at ranguera on gmail