Infinity mirror pillar controllable through tablet app + MIDI devices

Pen and paper idea

The idea is to build a big pillar (~2meters tall) with 2-way mirrors on it's faces and individually addressable LED strips inside on each edge.

  • The main board will be ESP32 based for WIFI support
  • LEDs would be controlled with a tablet app through WIFI using OSC messages.
  • Interaction will also happen through MIDI devices.
  • Structure will have proximity sensors to react to presence


  • ESP32
  • Power supply
  • 16x 2-sided 500x500mm acrylic mirrors
  • 4x Ultrasonic sensors
  • 32x 3D printed edges to hold mirrors and LED strips
  • 11x 144led/m 1m LED strips
  • CNC milled hard wood base to hold structure and electronics inside

The closest thing i've seen is this, by Deeplight Labs. But it seems like a pre-programmed visualization and has no sensors: