The idea for the final project is to create a light, mobile sculpture that can either be controlled through MIDI, left in an autonomous, pre-programmed visualization, or left to react to ambient sound.

I want it to have an organic feel, maybe based on H.R. Giger's art but more alive, so i plan to have 4 retractable legs, and 4 or 8 ondulating tentacles, all around a central body. The overall shape/style is still not clear. The idea is to make something rather big, around 2-3 meters in diameter.

Optionally, if there's time, i want to add different control modes and input sensors:

  • A heart-beat sensor to control the visualization.
  • A glove with accelerometers to allow you to move the creature legs with your fingers remotely.
  • A proximity sensor to react to human presence.
  • An EEG-controlled visualization.
  • A zeppelin based system so that the sculpture can hover around, powered with batteries.
  • A system where the hovering zeppelin scultpure will follow you, tracking some device.

Here's a sketch with top and lateral views

Quick try at a perspective. I still don't know what it will look like honestly:

The side tentacles would move by building a set of links, kind of like a toy articulated snake, and rotating the initial link of the chain. A good start point is this project from 2014, but i want to simplify it much more, i will only have one rotation axis and will let gravity do most of the work.

Here's some inspiration on how the legs would move, by Judith Hope. A 2 piece leg with a single joint where the first link is just moved up and down and the next one follows:

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We’re obsessed with these amazing microbe puppets by artist @judithhopepuppetmaker! Here she demonstrates a bacteriophage puppet “Phagey” designed for the @tatwoodpuppets production of Microbodyssey. 🔬#puppet #biology

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Here's something made by Juan Azulay for Sigur Ros that vaguely looks like what i have in mind (this was static)

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#SRsoundbath share your images from the @neuehouse // @thelordjones event. with @juanazulay art installation // photo by @1541

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