"Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere". Carl Sagan.


Hi there ! I'm Danny, a 27 years old Ecuadorian passionated about design. I've been working in my own architecture office RD Vallejo Arquitectos as a family entrepreneurship.

I would like to have new skills and better comprehension of digital fabrication with the knowledge that FabAcademy could give me and connect architecture, engineering and computation to generate new ideas and discover greater possibilities for design and creation.

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My lab

My FabLab is really cool and this is no just because we have a dog called Menga!, also is because it's located in a co working where different types of entrepreneurship and business develop there, we are surrounded by creative people.


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Final Project

Low cost retractable shelter system which can provides protection from the sun that could be placed at indoor or outdoor spaces to be located horizontally or vertically according to the needs of the space and the users, using digital fabrication for it creation.

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