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19. Invention, intellectual property and income

This week the assignment is to develop a plan for dissemination of the final project.


To begin with I had to understand what kind of license will apply for my project so I tried to read a few of these licenses they are:

The first three put me to sleep quite a few number of times.

There are quite a number of licences which can take quite a long time read and understand if you have a clear Idea as to what kind of licence you are looking for then this table is a neat reference.


Coming from a family business background and being a son of a lawyer the importance of a Patents, copyrights and trademarks is seeded deep in my heart as I have personally seen greed get to people and try to copy the original work of someone else, thankfully these copyrights, patents and trademarks are what protect the original works.

What kind of copyright we choose and what kind of licences are given out should be carefully worded and even more carefully chosen.

Project Dissemination

There are three major sections in my final project, they are:

  • Electronics
  • CAD
  • Softwares and Codes


For my final project I am going to base it on Neils’ board designs which fall under FAB license.


For my final project I am going to design the enclosure and other 3D Designs(if any)myself so they will fall under FAB license.

Softwares and Codes

For my final project I am going to base it on Neils’ codefiles which fall under FAB license.


These licences are active and executable during the time I am writing the documentation(1-June-2019). If in the future I base my work on the final project on other creators i will make sure to credit them and mention what licence their work falls under.


For my Final Project I plan on keeping it open so I choose the FAB copyright for my code and designs.