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13. Applications and implications

Final Project Proposal

What will Project do?
So, for my final project I decided to make a heater and cooler of a mug or can using a peltier module and it will be called shoto pad.


who has done what beforehand?
While researching for the project I came across these projects for cooling a can. Of these projects I found the project below appealing

The project is by DaftMike

However I could not find any projects which could utilize both heating and cooling feature of a peltier module

Materials and Components

what materials and components will be rquired?
The important components which will be used in my final project are Thermo Electric Cooler(Peltier Module) specifically model Nos. TEC1-12706 and TEC1-12715

Right now I am still deciding wether use TEC1-12706 or TEC1-12715 TEC1-12715 consumes more power however but has really good temperature rise and drop but either way both of them have poor efficiency.

I plan to use Aluminium sheets for the base enclosure and PLA to 3D Print a cover for the display.

Bill of Materials and Sourcing

Where will they come from?

Bill of Materials

This is the Bill of Materials tables which will be updated regularly.


Most of the Elctrical, Electronic and Mechanincal Components are available in the Fablab, the materials that are not in the lab are the metal sheets, Peltier Modules and few other components. which will be sourced from local suppliers If the local sources angle does not pan out then we plan on sourcing them online.

Techniques Incorporated

How will I be evaluated?
In my final project I will be applying many skills I have learnt over the past few weeks like,
* 3D Design * 3D Printing * CNC milling * Laser cutting * PCB Milling

3D Design

I have to design the enclosure, heatsinks, and probably mounting plates. Since the enclosure is just an enclosure and this course demands a twist or zest of creativity from the students I plan on using experimenting with generative design give a unique look to the enclosure.

3D Printing

I may have to design the enclosure for the display.

CNC milling

The heat sinks have an arc which can be achived by milling them.

Laser cutting

I plan on cutting sheets of aluminium and bending them to get the enclosure shape.

PCB Milling

I will be milling my own control board which will have temperature sensor as my input and a peltier module as my output


How much will it cost?
There is a commercial product called Nomodo Trio available the Product costs upto 80$ north american domestic markets and if we factor in shipping,taxes and dutyit will be costing me anywhere upwards of 100$.
If I am able to complete my project within 60$ it means that it is worth making it than buying it however I am Putting a target of 50$ and if it is done within that target then I win.

Parts and Systems

What parts and systems will be made

I will mill the control board which has a feedback system for monitoring and controlling the temperature, I have to design an effective heat sink and I may have to 3D Print the enclosure for the display.

Schedule and Progress

What is the schedule?
The Schedule for the project is being made and will be up on the site soon for further information click HERE.

The schedule will be updated regularly.


What tasks need to be completed?
Right now the base design is being changed. So, Pretty much everything needs to be started.


You can refer to the Techniques incorporated section in this page under the section Techniques incorporated.

Design Challenges

For my Final project I have quite a few hurdles I have to pass through such as,

  • Designing an efficient power delivery system along with efficient heat transfer.

  • Designing a shell(enclosure) which is not mundane