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17. Machine design

This week we worked on SandMorph, a sand art machine which draws patterns on sand.


Since I am the only student in my lab my Instructors helped me out.
For our application we are using a 2-axis timing belt mechanism that use cartesian cordinates to plot across a bed of sand

3D Design

The design which was designed initially was for HDPE but was changed for acrylic sheet of 4mm so that it could be sturdier.

There were a few parts which were 3D Printed. The printed parts were brackets to hold the bearings.


For this project we keep it simple by using an Arduino Uno to control 2*NEMA 17 stepper motors. The motors will be connected to a shield that is specially designed for running grbl code. Each motor requires a motor driver(A4988) individually.

A4988 stepper motor driver


NEMA 17 Stepper motor


From Youtube

3D Models