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1. Principles and practices

This week I worked on defining my final project idea and started to getting used to the documentation process.

Potential project Ideas

I have had quite a few project ideas which are as follows:

  1. Prosthetic which can measure grip force
  2. Hand Shake improver(based on the same technique as above)
  3. Lamp which unfolds when it senses presence
  4. Slim credit card size drone with single rotor
  5. Robotic sting ray or snake
  6. Fog based hologram
  7. Harati(Aarti) Drone

Final project

Finally I have finalized on the following Project

Shoto Pad:

A Coaster which can heat a cup of coffee or cool a beverage can using a peltier effect module. It will be an ideal setup on a workbench or a corner table. So, Ideally my project should heatup beverages to 60-80° Celcius and cool beverages down to 8-10° Celcius. In this project my main target is to show the design skills I have learnt over the course Ideally the enclosure could be 3d Printed from an ABS Plastic filament which can be convinient and cheap but it poses a few challenges like the temperature tolerances of enclosure for which milling it in wood could give the whole a nice aesthetic look and also be a good insulater of heat.

here is a cleaned up sketch.


Taking inspiration from the character Shoto Todoroki from Boku No hero Academia whose quirk is Half hot-Half cold I came up with this project.

Now, while I was researching I found that most of the projects were utilising only the cooling part of the peltier module(probably due to its inefficiency) but for my application a peltier effect is just the perfect solution.