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The Magic Fab Ball

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For Fab11

v0.4 Preview

Update for the fablabs.io page


Fab Academy final project

v0.2 CAD

Draft for Fab Academy final project

Fab Academy Thesis

Work in progress

Assignments Log


15. Applications and Implications

Information about the overall problem, how RDAS Drive fits in, and the final project development plan

17. Invention, Intellectual Property, and Income

Ideas on how to make RDAS Drive into an experimental platform for use by makers around the world

13. Networking

Coming soon

12. Composites (pt2)

Milling the aeroshell pieces, laser cutting canvas pieces, design of outer mold pieces

12. Composites (pt3)

Work in progress

10. Input Devices

Coming soon

11. Output Devices

Coming soon

12. Composites (pt1)

Aeroshell- shell body, and heat shield
Work in progress

5. 3D Printing and Scanning

Designed and printed a rotational flexure mechanism. Experimented with processing and displaying model / scan data in Antimony

6. Electronics Design

Designed a demo board in gEDA
Not complete yet

2. Computer Aided Design

Art experiments in Antimony, and modelling pieces in Autodesk Inventor

3. Computer-Controlled Cutting

Laser cut pieces of XY flexure mechanisms

Spiral Development Project Log

13. Small Flex Cube

Testing out folding a smaller version of the cube with captive flexible pieces

14. v0.3 Try

Ran in to some mistakes with the folding of the flex pieces and alignment, and slide connectors

11. RDAS v0.2

Final project prototyping

12. Maple Seed Pod

Exploring flexible + rigid 3D prints. Based off of Acer Pseudoplatanus Samara

7. RDAS v0.1

v0.1 of the drive module of the Rapidly Deployable Automation System

8. Antimony Experiment 1

Trying out an idea that didn't really work in the end

9. Headband v0.2

Laser cut & scored HDPE, folding together to make pieces for the Tele-op Headband

4. Headband v0.1

Prototyping an I/O device for controlling the robots

5. Curl Mechanism pt 1

Attempt at mimicing the curl movement of a catepillar
Coming soon

6. Computer Generated Robot Flex Piece

(aka Curl Mech pt 2) Used Python with Antimony to create a computer generated part for a robot that changes its behaviour

1. Robot Base

Prototype design with some hinges
Coming soon

2. Flexures Testing

Going through various designs of flexures and seeing how they work
Coming soon

3. "Neuron" Flexure Mech

A flexure mech that takes multiple inputs and moves one output



Antimony Drag Function Example

How to add a ui drag function to a point and have it adjust parameters

Antimony Tabs

How to combine scripts, shapes, namespaces, and iteration to create a rectangle with tabs