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its a Cyn

Project Management

Assignment: Build and archive personal website


HTML5 Boilerplate

Using a Html5 boilerplate template. HTML5 Boilerplate is a frontend developers's base HTML/CSS/JS template for a site.

Tip: Learn HTML .

Code academy is an easy way to learn how to code puts you on the path to building a websites.


Going old school, I use vi and an inexpensive Mac app Smultron 4 as my text editors.



After you have installed Mercurial

  1. Clone the archive:

    hg clone -e "ssh -p 846 -i ~/.ssh/keys/academy" ssh://[email protected]/academy.2012 academy.2012

  2. Put the keys in place:

    echo -e "\n[ui]\nssh = ssh -p 846 -i ~/.ssh/keys/academy" >> academy.2012/.hg/hgrc

  3. Name your archive, for example, "archive name", and go to that directory:

    cd "archive name"

  4. Open the .hg directory and edit the hgrc file in a text editor:

    Add the following:

    username = User Name

    changegroup = hg update >&2

    Save and quit

  5. Create your own directory within your labs/yourLabs folder.
  6. Edit the index.html file with your name with a link your page.

Example for Mac OSx

  1. From a terminal window change your academy directory, for example,

    cd /Users/yourHomeDirectory/academy.2012

  2. hg pull Tip: Before committing ALWAYS do a "hg pull" and "hg update" even if you pulled a few minutes earlier. Don't worry the changes someone else committed should not effect your changes.
  3. hg update -v Tip: The v echoes an output of all the changes made in the most recent update
  4. hg addremove Web/students/yourName Tip: The addremove command includes all the removals or additions you made and will be part of the commit.
  5. hg commit -m "Some informative comment"
  6. hg push

Other useful commands

  1. hg history > junk This will make a file of all the commits which includes changeset, user, date and summary
  2. hg --help This echo to the screen all the hg commands and a brief description.

About me

Information, technology, and digital fabrication junkie

As an artist living in the form of a Software Engineer I believe in approaching technology as a craft; part art and part skill. This technique is transferable when explaining technical information in a language that can be readily grasp. Paying attention to detail, I focus on a methodical and effective approach to troubleshooting and problem solving.